Nationl Parks - Fishing

Paul C Weaver beavis5 at
Thu Aug 28 12:01:05 EDT 1997

YOu are absolutely right.... (SHOW ME THE MONEY)..  It still pisses me
off.  Outlaw it all or free it all up to the same standard. I stand
outside the park entrance with a net and have the park people squirm.
Nothing illegal about that.


On Wed, 27 Aug 1997, Mike Soukup wrote:

> Paul,
> 	You're forgetting the golden rule - follow the money.  You can fish in
> Parks because the government rakes in BIG, BIG Bucks on the practice. 
> And, for butterflies, there is probably not enough interest for the
> program to pay for itself under a paid permit system.  So since the
> government can't make any money on collecting - it prefers just to
> forbid it.
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