Mail Order Moths/Butterflys...where?

John V. Calhoun bretcal at
Thu Aug 28 17:21:31 EDT 1997

sonnycrockett at wrote:
> When I was a tike my teacher used to order moth cocoons from some place
> called "Duke Downey."  I wanted to get some for my kids to raise but I
> can't locate this place...does anyone know of a mail order business where
> I could obtain moth cocoons and butterfly chrysalis' to raise?
> Thanks

Actually, "Duke Downey" is not a "where", but a "who".  Years ago he 
offed pupae for sale.  In fact, he is pictured on page 34 of the book by 
Paul Villiard entitled "Moths and How to Rear Them" 1969).  He lived in 
Sheridan, Wyoming.  I believe he passed away years ago.  Anyone else 
have any updated info?  Just a bit of historical trivia.


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