Io Moth - Attracting a male - update!

Chuck Garretson c-garretson at
Tue Aug 26 11:20:31 EDT 1997

As a couple of people responded, the moth had already mated...

Last night, having been unsuccessful the previous night in attracting a
male, I tried again by setting the moth-in-a-jar outside at about 10
p.m.  About an hour later, while daydreaming, reliving earlier
observations of domestic silk moths busily laying rows of eggs in the
bottom of a cardboard box, - hey! quit laughing!, you've done it too! -
I decided to check the moth one more time before going to bed.  She was
then in the process of laying eggs!  She had a small clump of about
10-15 eggs.  Overnight, she deposited another 40 to 50.  I'm happy.

Thanks for your help.

Rgds, Chuck
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