Unknown caterpillar

Talmai Miles talman at televar.com
Sat Aug 30 23:33:39 EDT 1997

I am not trained, but would like help identifying a large caterpillar I
found.  I live in Bellingham, Wa., which is on the Pacific coast as far
north and west as you can go.

The insect is:

3" long, kiwi green, 5 rows of orange pinpoint dots, about 1/4" apart,
with cillia coming out of each one.  His diameter is 5/8".  When I
picked him up, and placed him on a paper, audible clicking sounds were
heard.  He has 11 segments with pods on each segment.  Not very mobile,
but was on a tire when I found him.  Weather has been 70-75, and sunny
for two weeks prior, with rains and 70 degree weather this week.

If you can help me, and perhaps send me a picture so I can confirm, I
would appreciate it:

Thank you,

talman at televar.com

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