Collecting San Diego, February

James J. Kruse kruse at
Fri Dec 5 17:05:19 EST 1997

I'm apparently kicking off the 1998 collecting season early with my annual
plea for collecting spots. The Navy likes to send me to nice places for 
two weeks every year, and I like to make the most out of it by
collecting moths and butterflies in continental U.S. places. You may
remember this past August I was looking for Florida sites (thanks to all
who responded then). 

Well, the Navy in all its wisdom, is sending me to San Diego for two
weeks in early February (2nd-13th) to learn something (they were supposed
to send me  to Hawaii in January - no mun no fun). So, if anyone knows
where to go and for what (moths and butterflies) in the San Diego area or
within a 2-3 hour drive for a weekend trip, please let me know.  I know
there are goodies like Euproserpinus phaeton to be found there!!!
Where?!?!  and legal places only please!  Might be nice to meet some of
you folks too.

Thanks! and Cheers!
Jim Kruse
University of California at Berkeley
Dept. of Environ Sci, Policy and Mgmt.
Div. of Insect Biology
Sperling Lab
201 Wellman Hall
Berkeley, California, 94720-3113
(510) 642-5114/7410

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