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Tue Dec 9 05:59:34 EST 1997

Myself and two colleagues (Stephen Hall and Angel Viloria) are compiling a
comprehensive catalogue of the larval host-plants of the Neotropical
butterflies which is due for publication next year. The catalogue will
contain 8 colour plates which illustrate the final instar larvae and pupae
of a wide range of Neotropical butterfly species. Thanks to the generosity
of several colleagues, we have now obtained most of the photos we need.
There are, however, still some gaps in our "wants list" which we feel are
important to fill. These include the larvae and pupae of ANY Neotropical
species in the genera LIBYTHEANA and EUREMA, and any species of the skipper
subfamily MEGATHYMINAE. We would also like to include, if possible,
photographs of the immatures of the primitive Mexican swallowtail, BARONIA
BREVICORNIS. If there is anyone out there who has of any of these, then we
would be extremely grateful if we could borrow them for publication (you
will of course receive full credit and will retain your copyright). Photos
can be sent to me at the BM(NH) (see address below) and I will copy them and
return them to you. If anyone can help us then please first contact Stephen
Hall at s_k_hall at, listing what you have.

Many thanks.

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