N.American butterflies wanted

Alexey G. Belik belik at fannet.ru
Sat Dec 13 23:07:34 EST 1997

Dear fellow collectors,

I need certain N.American butterflies, which is listed below:

Clossiana alberta  - extremely important!
          astarte  - -----same-----
          distincta- -----same-----

Erebia  lafontainei (esp. females)
        occulta     (esp. females)
        youngi     (esp. hershelli & rileyi)
        magdalena  magdalena (esp. females), mackinleyensis, saxicola
        fasciata  fasciata (esp. females), avinoffi
        discoidalis (females)
        rossii     (all sspp., very need females)
        disa       steckeri, subarctica, females of mancinus
        vidleri    (I have not this species at all!)

If you have spare specimens of these species, please contact
me for details of exchange.

Alexei Belik

Alexei G. Belik
e-mail: belik at fannet.ru

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