Help" Moth Attact

Jim smitty7 at
Tue Dec 23 00:18:15 EST 1997

Hopefully someone in this group can help me. Small grayish-black (about
a quarter of an inch long) have envaded my garage. They lay thier larva
behind pictures on the wall, in rolls of wrapping paper and on the
drywall walls.
The ones on the drywall eat into the wall. They hatch out into skinny
caterpillars about 3/4 inch in length. I sprayed them with ant-roach
spray and the weren't fazed. I've seen a few in the house. Can anyone
identify the possible type moth thi could be or offer suggestions
on eliminating them. Sure would be grateful for any info.

You can send email to: smitty7 at or respond to this
news group.    Thanks.


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