Exchange of Southern African Butterflies

Bennie Coetzer benniec at
Sun Dec 28 00:23:21 EST 1997

Hi ,
I am a young butterfly collector in South Africa and specialise in
Southern African butterflies (and in future Afrotropical butterflies).
However, like most collectors, I would like to have a selection of
butterflies from other regions and would like to get to know other
collectors with whom I could exchange.  Naturally my first interest
would be in the more spectacular butterflies such as the morphos, owls,
bird wings. heliconids or any other Nymphalids, Papilios, Pierids, etc.
My own collection and collecting includes also the smaller families such
as Lycaenidae and Hesperidae.
If anyone is interested I can be reached at
		benniec at
Andre Coetzer

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