Southern California Clubs (San Diego Region) ?

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Sun Dec 28 21:06:54 EST 1997

Dear Doug Aguillard (doug at

Re: Southern California Butterfly Clubs

Contact Dr. David Marriott of The Monarch Program in Encinitas,
California, just north of San Diego. The Monarch Program has a excellent
Vivarium and conducts educational programs out of their facility there.
While The Monarch Program focuses primarily on Monarch butterflies, their
members are also interested in a wide range of topics pertaining to many
butterfly species (ie. butterfly gardening). David might also be able to
provide you with information concerning other entomological programs in
the San Diego area.

A few weeks ago, I attended the Western Monarch Conference at the Monarch
Program Vivarium - an outstanding gathering of professional and amateur
lepidopterists and naturalists from many backgrounds and with many varied
interests in butterflies. What a privilege to meet noted lepidopterists
and scientists, including Dr. Robert Pyle, Dr. Karen Oberhauser, Dr.
Adrien Wenner, Dr. Dennis Frey.

The Monarch Program also publishes an excellent monthly newsletter.

David Marriott can be reached at:  monarchprg at

Don Davis
Toronto, ON

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