Books Wanted: Bflies of the World; Bflies of N. America

Dawn, Douglas Douglas.Dawn at
Mon Jun 2 00:59:00 EDT 1997

Hello collegues,

Would someone be kind enough to provide a brief review of the following

by Valerio Sbordoni, Saverio Forestiero
"Butterflies of the World"
pub. 1988
Outlet (Publisher)

Utility? i.e for what would you recommend it? Opinion on Content? Pages?
Photos (amount & quality)?

Do you have a copy you would like to sell?  If so, condition, and for
how much (please consider shipping to South Texas)?  If not, do you know
of someone or someplace that does?

I am also looking for two copies of William Howe's book, (I think it was
pub. in 1975) "The Butterflies of North America".  I do not need a
review of Howe, but it would be great if you could give me the info.
above to buy one or two copies from you or who?

Thanks much in advance!

Douglas.Dawn at

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