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Tue Jun 10 04:55:38 EDT 1997

While I can understand the wishes of some people to release 
butterflies in an attempt to gain public awareness of the declien of 
butterflies, I consider this viewpoint to be very narrowminded and 
similar to some views in the UK.

Butterflies form a small proportion of Lepidoptera (about 2% in the UK) 
yet I hear no-one advocating the mass release of moths, or what 
about declining fly, beetle species, etc.  In the UK, butterflies are  of 

I don't believe releases of this nature, without any sound ecological 
reasoning, will achieve anything, especially public awareness.  The 
"public" has a notoriously short memory and all the releases will 
achieve is to destroy the years of hard work of scientists carrying out 
surveys.  I suppose there might be one good outcome - lots of 
nutritious food for birds.

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