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I am strongly opposed to the idea that releasing butterflies
is the answer to conservation issues. It is causing serious problems
here in the UK. This has been explained to this gentleman on 
numerous occasions by people who know better. His response to this has been
to turn abusive. I would ask you you consider if this means that
he is a sensible person and whether it is he or the experts who oppose his
plans are correct. I have no wish to start a "flame War" but 
please do not support this idea.
> Confidentiality Guaranteed!
> Your response is vital to the July 4th - National Butterfly Release,
> which already has been given the go-ahead on the federal and state
> level.

This idea is wrong. So what if it has been found not to be against regulations.
It is simply that the law is not mature enough to deal with the conservation
of butterflies properly.

> However, some deceptive individuals, using their so-called credentials
> have started propagating false information to individuals that are not
> knowledgeable in the balance of nature.  Due to the facts prevailing,
> these lowlifes have resorted in spreading false information to further
> their cause.

I would not call Robert Pyle a deceptive individual with so-called credentials
or a lowlife!
I think that this abuse is unwaranted. It is important for us all not
to fall into the trap of thinking "I think that I shall never see a person
lovelier than me" (Apologies to Anne Kilmer's Grandfather) and to respond
to criticism with abuse.

> If you believe releasing butterflies (permitted of course) is beneficial
> to bringing public awareness to the decline of the butterflies, then
> YOUR YES VOTE IS NEEDED!  School children around this country need your
> vote!  What would a science project dealing with butterflies accomplish
> without rearing, handling, and/or releasing a few specimens?  If you
> don't voice your opinion who will?

This is misguided. This is also not what is being planned. This is wrong.
> If you believe that doing nothing is changing nothing, then please do
> nothing.
> If you want to keep things in balance PLEASE VOTE YES TODAY...

This of course is unbalanced most people that I have seen posting
have opposed this on strong logical and scientific grounds.

As a mechanism has only been set for people to vote yes to this
badly thought out idea. I would like to reset the balance by offering
the opportunity to vote no. I have done this after some consultatation
so I hope that this will not be seen as a personal attack.
Simply send an email to voteno at

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