food source for Pac NW "cecropia"

Chris Conlan conlan at
Wed Jun 11 22:07:31 EDT 1997

If it looks like cecropia and you found it in Seattle then you almost
surely have a Hyalophora euryalus.  The typical hostplant in your area is
willow.  However, you might be able to get them to take some of the other
plants normally accepted in other parts of their range.  These include
dozens of hostplants including Rhamnus sp., Cercocarpus sp., Rhus sp.,
Manzanita and others.  I would try willow first though.  Good luck.

conlan at

>Hi experts,
> I'm the proud parent of dozens of 4 hour old moth larva. Found laying
>eggs in a concrete stairwell in a high rise, the parent looks like the
>Cecropia of my eastcoast youth, but this is Seattle. I seem to remember
>there are two native moths here that are in a similar genus the the
>cecropia, but i dont know what they eat. This one had clear windows in
>its wings.
> I'm currently making available plum, apple, blueberry, vine maple and
>hawthorne, anybody know their natural food source?
> thanks!
>David Wilbur
>dowilbur at

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