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Fri Jun 13 22:28:00 EDT 1997

>From: Tatoosh
>A small portion of what I have found is:

>1. The Mayan pyramids are thought by some to
>contain the mystery of
>nature.  Legend has it the statues guard the wisdom
>of the pyramids.  Did you know the
>breast plate of the statue is actually a butterfly?


Congratulations for planning something that will further popular
interest in butterflies.  Your idea is great.  I hope it is available
for the cost of the blank videotape plus postage to anyone interested.

Note that you may have outdated information
on your first and most interesting point. - the Mayan Temples having
butterfly representations on their breastplates.  I heard that they
were really bats from a Mexican researcher at the UNAM.  Roberto
de la Maza R.'s book of 1985 (7?) (Mariposas mexicanas)
supports your finding, based on info.  prior to its publication
date.   I'll try to dig up the researcher's email so you can correspond
directly and hopefully let us know a little more.  The statues you
reference are truly beautiful.  Maybe other list members can add to the
list's info regarding this fascinating creation by Mexican culture.

saludos...DOUG DAWN
Monterrey, Mexico

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