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Fri Jun 13 13:06:49 EDT 1997

Hello,  we are a NGO (non-governmental organization) working with
sustainable agriculture (no petro-chemicals), mainly with organic coffee.
We are now starting to work with medicinal herbs and are having some
problems. We are located in the peruvian amazonia and would greatly
appreciate your help. Thank You.

1.- Is there some type of virosis registered in "Chamomile"?

2.- Why do some species have a low germinative capacity? Is there any
treatment for increasing their germinative capacity?

3.- What is the agent causing root rot in "Borage"?

4.- Is Helmintosporium registered attacking "Citronella Grass"? Why is
this pathogen registered in "Lemon Grass"?

5.- Which is the fenological state to harvest Cintronela "Cymbopogon
nardus"? How many cuts are needed during the year (before, during and
after the spigate)?

6.- What is the correct way to harvest and what is the humidity loss
percentage in "Cymbopogon citratus"?

7.- What is the registered fungus that causes root rot and foliage
infection in "Borago officinalis" and what are the control measures of
these pathogenes?

8 What is the difference between "Ruta Chalepensis" and "Ruta gabeolis"?
Which is the commercial one?

Thanks for your help,

Maritza Moreno
Development Coordinator
e-mail: siat at
Telf./fax: (51-74) 731592

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