Unidentified Spanish Butterfly

Roger C. KENDRICK kendrick at hkusua.hku.hk
Wed Jun 18 05:24:05 EDT 1997


I don't know of any websites that illustrate C.marshallii (but there are
plenty of sites I've not viewed thoroughly yet).

There are two books I know that do picture this critter:

Ivor Migdol's "field guide to the butterflies of South Africa" (Struik)
[now available in the U.K.] and "Pennington's Butterflies of Southern
Africa" (1st or 2nd editions) - the latter (2nd ed.) is as good a book
on butterflies as I've seen, but has a weighty price tag in the U.K., in
the region of £120, but costs half that direct from South Africa. I'm
afraid I can't be more precise as I (unwillingly) left both of these
books in storage in the U.K.
It's quite possible that the Encyclopedia of Butterflies of the World by
Paul Whalley et.al from the ?1970's will also illustrate it on one of
the plates.

Hope this helps,

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