Unidentified Spanish Butterfly

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On Mon, 16 Jun 1997 12:03:54 +010,
  Kevin J.Caley writes:

>Is there a picture of this anywhere, e.g. on web?

Kevin and others

I know of no illustration of this species on the web.

I too had replied (direct) to the original request for information, and had 
come to the same conclusion, it is almost certainly Cacyreus marshalli, 
the Geranium Bronze. In view of the subsequent interest the following may 
be of help but some of it is not very accessible.

In addition to the figures mentioned by Roger Kendrick there is an 
illustration in the new edition of Paul Whalley's book in the Mitchell 
Beazley series (unfortunately, upperside only). I have also written a short 
piece, published in 1993 with half-tone illustrations, in Butterfly 
Conservation News 53: 18-19. There is a fairly comprehensive bibliography 
of the spread of the species in southern Europe, published by Udo Luy in 
1996 in the journal Atalanta 27: 591-594. There was also a full biology 
published in 1992 (in colour with an adult on the front cover) by Victor 
Sarto i Monteys in the Spanish journal Horticultura, Revista de hortalizas, 
flores y plantas ornamentales 83: 13-19.


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