French names of tropical butterflies

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Gunnar Brehm <brehmgu at> says:
>I am looking for the French names of the following tropical butterfly
>species. Who can help me finding them? Please, send any information to
>e-mail-address:brehgu at
>Graphium agamemnon
>Heliconius ismenius
>Morpho peleides
>Parthenos sylvia
>Agrias claudia
>Papilio ulysses
>Thanks very much!
>Gunnar Brehm, 07661/930114 <brehmgu at>

I am afraid there are no French names for these insects.
Perhaps in French Guiana some Morphos may receive a common name,
but all lepidopterists I met, either in south America or Africa,
always use scientific names.
The same in France, latin names are used for butterflies, except
for the commonest sp., although all have -official- French names !

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