sphinx ova

Ted Ryznar tryznar at mail.cosmosbbs.com
Thu Jun 19 09:43:37 EDT 1997

Is there a recommended way to get wild caught female sphinx moths to lay
eggs? I know the paper bag trick works good for silkmoths- will it also
work for sphinx and hawkmoths? I have placed some in paper bags where they
remained for 1.5 days with no ova laid. Any suggestions? Do they need the
host plant also? I am especially referring to Abott ,
small-eyed,one-eyed,huckleberry,waved and big poplar sphinx. Any help would
be appreciated. I would like to get a few ova and then release them. thanks
                                      Ted Ryznar
                                      tryznar at mail.cosmosbbs.com

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