butterflies of japan??

松本邦臣 langprac at iac.co.jp
Thu Jun 19 14:01:10 EDT 1997

Hi Carl,

 I recommend the following books for the field use:

1 Cho(Butterflies) , Yamakei Field Books No.11
   Toshio Inomata and Katsuomi Matsumoto
   ISBN4-635-06051-9 C0345

2  Cho(Butterflies) I , Hoikusha
    Yasuyuki Watanabe
    ISBN4-586-31036-7 C0645
    Cho(Butterflies) II , Hoikusha
    Yasuyuki Watanabe
    ISBN4-586-31037-5 C0645

I especially recommend the first one because it has
photos of live butterflies in nature as well as those of 
specimens. My twin brother took those field photos.

I hope this information is of any help to you.


P.S. Whereabouts in Japan are you staying?

Kuniomi Matsumoto
3-3-5-1210 Hikarigaoka,
Nerima-ku, Tokyo 179 
E-mail: langprac at iac.co.jp
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