sphinx ova

Chris Conlan conlan at adnc.com
Thu Jun 19 23:48:57 EDT 1997

For sphingids that do not feed as adults (Smerinthus, Pachysphinx etc.) the
paper bag system works fine.  For those that do feed it really depends.
Many of them do need to have some hostplant in there and others just are
not happy unless they have a large flight area.  For the species you
mention in your note, all but abbotts will lay in a paper bag with little
trouble.  For abbotts sphinx I am uncertain of how easy it would be to
obtain eggs as I have only reared this species from wild collected larvae.
If uncertain, you can always put them in a flight cage with some hostplant.
Just don't put your resulting eggs in a closed container with cut
hostplant or you may kill them!  If you need more help with a particular
species I will do what I can to help.

conlan at adnc.com

>Is there a recommended way to get wild caught female sphinx moths to lay
>eggs? I know the paper bag trick works good for silkmoths- will it also
>work for sphinx and hawkmoths? I have placed some in paper bags where they
>remained for 1.5 days with no ova laid. Any suggestions? Do they need the
>host plant also? I am especially referring to Abott ,
>small-eyed,one-eyed,huckleberry,waved and big poplar sphinx. Any help would
>be appreciated. I would like to get a few ova and then release them. thanks
>                                      Ted Ryznar
>                                      tryznar at mail.cosmosbbs.com

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