Mike Soukup mikayak at
Thu Jun 26 15:56:41 EDT 1997

Hi Everybody,

	I am Mike, I am TRYING to rear all Eastern US Saturniids this year.  I
have done well over the past 2 years in obtaining stock and now have
viable colonies of all - except for 2 species. Of course - they are the
two toughest to find.  So, if anyone has stock of or knows someone who
has stock of Citheronia sepulcralis AND/OR Callosamia securifera,  I
would LOVE to hear from you.  I am willing to buy, trade, or even wax
your car and cut your lawn for ova/larva/pupae/ fat pregnant female
adults of either of the two.  You can contact me at
mikayak at  I am also looking for ANY North American
Sphingicampa - but that is another request.  Thanks alot
Mike Soukup
mikayak at
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