Noctuidae tax. - Heliothis & Euxoa

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The genitalia of many European species of Euxoa are figured in
Kozhanchikov, I. V., 1937 .. Insectes Lepidopteres. Fam. Noctuidae (subfam.
Agrotinae). Fauna SSSR volume 13 (part 3), pages 1 - 674. 

The most recent work Noctuidae Europaeae illustrates tritici, crypta and
mobergi and includes colour photos of all the European species currently

I have no idea where to find genitalia drawings of Heliothis and the
relevant volume of Noctuidae Europaeae is not yet published.

Incidentally, on the assumption that you would like to know if you make a
mistake in English (actually Greek) the plural of genus is genera and not

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