Who's Who - May 1, 1997

Phil Schappert philjs at yorku.ca
Sat May 3 07:58:09 EDT 1997

Hi Everyone,

An addendum to my posting about the Who's Who...

The LEPS-L list has changed listservers recently and my announcement of the
availability of the May 1st update did not reflect this. Problem is that
"the machine on which the listproc lists runs does not hold "extra files"
at present, of which OLWW was one on yalevm" according to listowner Larry
Gall. Note that the OLWW is still available via the Peabody gopher server:


When we get this straightened out we'll let you know...


Phil Schappert
Biology, York University
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
philjs at yorku.ca

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