Early UK butterflies

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Tue May 6 06:02:06 EDT 1997

At 10:40 AM 5/5/97 GMT, you wrote:
>At the British Ent.Soc. meeting at Warburg (outside Henley) on
>Saturday there was an amazing mixture of species: Lime Hawk, Poplar
>Hawk(L.populi), Pine Hawk(H.pinastri) & Brown Rustic(Rusina
>ferruginea) were all early while a _really_ late Chestnut (Conistra
>vaccinii) also put in an appearance. In all they got about 82 species
>of macro / easy micro and plenty of the nastier micros were taken away

Well it is not to make you jalous but I had last weekend night-catch of
about 70 species in a sinlge night + 45 species during the same night
trapping. Amongst them also many 'early species'. To name some of them:

Actinotia polyodon, Lomographa bimaculata, Pannolis flammea, Chloroclysta
v-ata, Eup. abbreviata, Eup. tantillaria, Eup. indigata, Eup. exigata,
Plagodis pulveraria, Cerastis rubricosa, Aleucis distinctata, Eilema
sororcula, Semiothissa clathrata, S. liturata, S. alternaria, Plagodis
dolobria, Ligdia adustaa, Drymonia ruficornis, Aglia tau, Selenia
tetralunaria, S. lunularia, Watsonella binaria, W. cultraria, Falcaria
lacertinata, Deltote deceptoria, Polyploca ridens, Enargia conspicilaris,
Orthosia gracilis, Prodeltote pygarga, Pachetra sagittigera, O. bidentata,
Stauropus fagi, Peridea anceps, Lithophane ornitopus, Nola confusalis,
Mythimna albipuncta, M. sicula, Acronicta alni. indeed very late Conistra
Phylodesma tremulifolia, Ptilodon capucina, Craniophora ligustri, Clostera
anachoreta, C. curtula, Acronicta leporina, Tritophia tritophus, Diaphora

BTW, the first Mimas tiliae showed up in my garden on the same evening..
and this weeks migration: the first Autographa gamma and Plutella xylostella.
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