Major Monarch migration (cont.)

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Mon May 5 23:12:34 EDT 1997

An update to my recent posting, regarding Monarch egg-laying in my butterfly

Today, May 5, I sighted yet another worn, very aged female Monarch very
busily laying eggs by the dozen, on my Orange Butterflyweeds (Asclepias
tuberosa).  An updated search counted additional plant shoots, 120 total
(more breaking soil), some now 6" tall.  300+ Monarch eggs were counted, in a
quick and incomplete count.  No doubt many more.  One 3" shoot had 9 eggs.
 In two or three weeks, I may have a host plant crisis on my hands at this

Interestingly, any and all females have thus far ignored my Swamp Milkweed
(A. incarnata)  white "Ice Princess" variety.

Harry Pavulaan
Herndon, VA.

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