Anaea aidea in Southeastern Arizona

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Tue May 6 15:32:00 EDT 1997

    The Goatweed Leafwing is Anaea andria, while the Anaea aidea is the
Leafwing as Paul Opler pointed out. Which did you see or were they both there?
Regardless, I sure wish I'd been there!

Subject: Anaea aidea in Southeastern Arizona
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Date:    5/5/97  6:36 PM

From: leps-l at
Date: Mon, May 5, 1997 6:36 PM
Subject: Anaea aidea in Southeastern Arizona
To: Heath, Fred; Leps-L
Butterflies are being seen in numbers in the Huachucas in southeastern
Arizona as the first real warm weather (the high eithties F) moved in.
Of special interest to us were several pairs of courting Goatweed
Leafwings (Anaea aidea) seen while banding birds in Coronado National
Monument at about 5200 feet in elevation in oak woodlands.
                Hank Brodkin, Nicksville, AZ

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