Costa Rica

Clayton Coe claycoe at
Wed May 7 16:08:53 EDT 1997

>To All,

Sorry, I can't take advantage of the tour.  What is the best way to let
interested Costa Ricans know of the availability of saturniidae cocoons 
and sphingidae pupae and possibly papered butterfly specimens from the
 U. S. and Canada?

Bill Oehlke

claycoe at

>	If anyone is interested, I will be conducting another tour of 
>Costa Rica and its butterfly farmers. Imagine Morphos, Owls, Monkeys and 
>Macaws all against the back drop of Vocanoes and Rainforest. It also includes
>a visit to the Bio-Diversity Institute. Please contact me directly.
>Rick Mikula
>butrfly at

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