Early UK butterflies

Colin Cracknell colinc at cix.compulink.co.uk
Thu May 15 12:02:42 EDT 1997

Nick Bowles wrote:

> Ta for message.
> Wood W actually appeared first on 14.4.97  ! (Surrey)
> Now fairly widespread assuming its survived the snow.
> SPBF about now, 1st in Cornwall 2.5.97.  PBF no.s very good.  Also
> early signs
>  good for Marsh but weather could undo that.
> BA and CB very widespread and even the SB reported several sites.


As an amateur I often complain about people who omit the Latin names and
expect everyone to know what species they're talking about. Maybe you
think your message is only of concern to locals, but you could be
surprised. Even as a Brit it took me ages to work out what some of those
abbreviations meant.

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