Japanese butterflies & moths

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Carsten Lvser wrote:

> .....
> But I don't know the names of all of them, mainly of the moths. Could
> anybody help me?
> ....


Using ;Icones Heterocerorum Japonicorum in Coloribus Naturalibus+ by
Esaki T., Issiki S, Inoue H., Ogata M., Okagaki H. & Kuroko H. (1958,
revised ed. 1971, 8th printing 1991) published by Hoikusha Publ. Co.
Ltd, Osaka, the species illustrated appear to be as follows (the
nomenclature may be out of date, but the names appear o.k. to me, based
on current Hong Kong species; unless indicated, assume the nominate

File	Species				subfamily: Family	     ref.
s71.jpg Cephonodes hylas  Linnaeus	Macroglossinae: Sphingidae   IHJ, v2,
s72.jpg Cephonodes hylas  Linnaeus	Macroglossinae: Sphingidae   IHJ, v2,
s73.jpg Rhagastis mongoliana  Butler	Macroglossinae: Sphingidae   IHJ,
v2, p243
s74.jpg Gastropacha quercifolia cerridifolia  C & R Felder
					Lasiocampidae		     IHJ, v2, p15
s75.jpg Catocala patala  Felder		Catocalinae: Noctuidae	     IHJ, v2,
s76.jpg Antheraea yamamai  Guirin-Minenville
					Saturniidae		     IHJ, v2, p226
s77.jpg Actias artemis aliena  Butler	Saturniidae		     IHJ, v2, p223
s78.jpg Apha tychoona  Butler		Eupterotidae		     IHJ, v2, p14

Hope this helps,

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