Pieris virginiensis - host plants and threats from exotic mustards

Michael Gochfeld gochfeld at eohsi.rutgers.edu
Wed May 21 14:47:32 EDT 1997

The Garlic Mustard as a toxic trap certainly makes a lot of sense, and 
we gave it credence in our recent book on New Jersey butterflies, even 
though there is no evidence that P. virginiensis has been common in NJ 
in recent times. 

We have documented the intrusion of Garlic mustard into our local 
woodland over the past 15 years (it was already common when we started 
in 1982).  

It is only one of several exotics with a capacity for severely changing 

However, the recent interchange suggests that the toxicity to 
P.virginiensis larvae has not been directly quantified.  For that 
matter, it would be useful to quantify its effects on P.rapae since that 
also oviposits on Garlic Mustard. 

M. Gochfeld  

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