Killing Jars-Ethyl Acetate or Cyanide?

Gary W. Clark Gary.Clark at
Wed May 21 10:29:35 EDT 1997

I am getting back into entomology after several years away.  At one time I
was a 4H leader in their entomology program.

All of the books that I have; when explaining how to build killing jars,
recomend cyanide, but say that ethyl acetate is an acceptable, though
inferior substitute.  I have always used ethyl acetate and found it to be
fairly slow.

I have a few questions:

1. Does anyone actualy use cyanide?
2. Is that much better than EA?
3. Is it available for purchase?
4. Where is it available?
5. Should I be using it instead of EA?

Thanks in advance, any help is always appreciated.

Gary W. Clark

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