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Wed May 21 17:54:08 EDT 1997

Greetings All:

Today I had the opportunity to talk with Mr. Bob Flanders with the USDA
and Mr. Dan Hillburn of the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

Mr. Flanders thought it would be wise to mention to the leps group that
I will not be involved with any interstate transportation of Monarchs.
In other words I will not be crossing any state lines with Monarchs from
other areas or gene pools.

Mr. Hillburn has no problem with what I am doing as I continue to follow
state and federal guidelines.

Mentioning that, I would like to thank the group for awakening my mind
to the fact that in the United States we need a breeder from each state
as a contact person to direct people when considering a release of any
size or porportion.  That way, we are not disturbing the status quo. 
This should take care of any concerns for those involved in the DNA
issue.  If you would like to be the contact breeder in your state or
country, please let me know.

I am sure that some people will still be upset with the course we will
continue to take.  However, when involved in any endeavor, 100% of the
participants will never come to total agreement.  For that I am sorry.

For the record, I do not breed, rear, sell or trade butterflies.  As
some have said, I am only concerned with public awareness for what is
being done.  Yes, you may call the National Butterfly Release a public
awareness publicity stunt, if you must.

There is a slogan that is very appropriate... "If we continue to do the
same things, the same way, will we not get the same results."  Isn't it
time we try a new thing for a new time?

Have a great day!

Hans Schnauber
hans7 at

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