Homosexual lepidoptera

Thu May 22 17:15:04 EDT 1997

I have been collecting specimens of homosexual butterflies and moths for 
some 16 years. I have caught aprox. 790 specimens of lep.(all same sexes 
fluttering above eachother). Although much rarer than typical mating leps 
(obviously, because the homo. leps don't reproduce) I believe it occurs 
at a ratio of 5 out of every 100 (5%) maybe more due to the difficulty in 
catching them "in the act". The collection debate made me wonder...
I collect these homosexual leps. heavily and it is suggested that 
collecting hurts populations. But if these insects are not actually 
reproducing (they are gay) then what possible harm to populations can I 
actually be doing, except for the obvious acute influence. Are there 
others out there who collect same sex oriented lepidoptera and have 
pondered this same question??
Also, I have never seen cross species homosexual activity, but do not 
doubt that it exists due to the relief of reproductive pressure. Has 
anyone observed this kind of activity?? Also, it seems much more common 
among male leps to be gay. Does this suggest that the gene responsible
for producing gay leps is somehow attached to primarily homozygous
I am in the process of publishing my work, "Gay leps; 16 years of 
observation in the new world" but I still have some loose ends to tie up 
in some of my hypothoses.
Jeff brookbank

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