Releasing Monarchs

Roger C. KENDRICK kendrick at
Fri May 23 23:48:43 EDT 1997

Bob Greback wrote:
> I don't think anyone on this list can tell me ..... through numerous > generations.

Thanks for this - point taken. 

It leaves me wondering the following practicalites for species
conservation from the public perspective: Is using a migratory species
(or any species) "safe" as an example for activities similar to that for
Hans's release, i.e. would a newcomer to buterflies take it as standard
practice, think it's a good idea and apply it wholesale to any species,
including species occuring in fragmented metapopulations?
I still feel the time and effort would be far better spent if directed
towards habitat conservation, especially when one considers that
fragmented species occupy only a fraction of available habitat at any
one time, thus requiring large areas of conserved land (allowed to
undergo succession if possible) to cater for many species' population
dynamics requirements. In this light, does it not seem that using such a
mobile and populus species as the Monarch to be a butterfly standard
bearer is a somewhat dangerous road to take?

> I wonder what E.O. Wilson would have to say about the infusion of reared stock
> into natural populations.  Probably not much.
I guess it would depend upon the circumstance.

All the best for all the leps. (and natural dynamics if possible,


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