Please Report Monarch Sightings

Porky Pig dyi-sdr at
Fri May 23 10:14:48 EDT 1997

We are having the coolest May in 60 or 70 years in Southern Ontario.
Hopefully, the weather will warm up soon, the winds will change
direction, and monarchs will continue their migration into Canada.

Journey North appreciates receiving reports of your first sightings, as
these are used by 1500 classrooms in Canada and the United States to
study the arrival of spring in North America.

The response by Canadians for requests for their first sightings of
Baltimore oriole and ruby-throated hummingbird was terrific!

I would appreciate hearing about your first Canadian sighting of monarch
butterflies, and you can forward a copy  of your report, with compete
details, directly to Elizabeth Donnelly at Journey North:

edonnelly at,internet

Thanks again for making the arrival of spring so exciting and
interesting for so many school children.

Don Davis
Toronto, ON

donald_davis at

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