Help!!! Luna eggs layed last night

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Sun May 25 23:12:00 EDT 1997

Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Lowder,

I have some idea for you from my rearing experiences of Japanese
Saturnidae, though I have not yet reared American Moon moth Actias

I do not think that the hatched larvae can successfully reach
their hostplants by themselves. Usually the 1st larva can move
only a few yards.

If you are interested in rearing Actias luna, just take the eggs
off the metal I-beam by your hands. You can easily get them.
And then put them on the tissue-paper spread in the plastic
They will hatch in a week or so.  After hatching, you put the
1st instar larvae on the leaves of sweet gum, black walnut and
hickories. Sweet gum is recommended because it remain fresh for
a few days.

If you do not have enough time for rearing, just leave them as
they are. Even if you put the eggs on the leaves of trees near
your barn, less than one percent can survive in the wild.

Kayoko Nishihara
111-703, 3-2 Sunadabashi, Higashi-ku,
Nagoya 461
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