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Tue May 27 18:41:47 EDT 1997

> Subject: Re: emergence-emergency, help?
> Date: Tue, 27 May 1997 18:27:26 -0400
> From: Anne Kilmer <viceroy at gate.net>
> To: j_vitae at bc.cybernex.net.com
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> bramble wrote:
> >  the 5th had not properly attatched
> > itself when it began the switch from "caterpillar" to  "chrysalide", and so
> > had been laying on its side.  it began to emerge yesterday morning, but as
> > of this afternoon had not succeeded in doing more than splitting its outer
> > covering halfway, and getting out one antenna and its 2 front legs.  about
> > 2 hours ago, with some very gentle assistance, the rest of the covering was
> > removed.  we took very special care to not injure the butterfly.  (as far
> > as we can tell, anyway.)
> > ...  it's been at least two
> > hours since this guy was freed from his cocoon (technically not a cocoon,
> chrysalid
> > nothing was spun, but i'm really not informed with the proper technical
> > terms here, folks), and all of the other butterflies had completely
> > stretched out their wings in that amount of time.  this butterfly has
> > actually accepted sugar water from an eyedropper ...
> >
> > i guess the main questions are:  did we help too much already?
> Your help was irrelevant. The butterfly hardened as it dried, and
> nothing can be done for it. You may feed it as long as it lives, if this
> doesn't depress you too much. Or you may "set it free" outside and let
> some bird help it. Or you could give it a quick pinch where the wings
> meet the body, and kill it that way. That would be the kindest thing to
> do.
> i>
> > any input, suggestions, thoughts greatly appreciated.  i'm bringing these
> > butterflies back to school tomorrow, and while the students will likely be
> > pleased as punch with just the four, i myself would feel much better if we
> > were able to release five healthy butterflies this week.
> Depends on how old the kids are. If they're 4th grade up, they might be
> interested in dissecting the goner and seeing how its body is put
> together. If you think they'll be traumatized, by all means suppress the
> information. Kids need to learn that things go wrong and folks die, but
> if you're not comfortable with teaching that lesson, keep it simple. One
> didn't make it.
> Anne Kilmer
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