How to repell moths in closet?

Chuck Twombly wizatozs at
Tue Nov 11 21:42:57 EST 1997

Moths don't eat, they mate. Larva do. First get the clothes to the
cleaners to kill the larva and any eggs that may be on them. That is the
easy part. You may have carpet beetles that are doing the same thing. You
may consider the use of a professional pest control person to do the big
job. The treatment will consist of spraying and fogging.
You may consider cleaning all the carpets first. They lay eggs there.
This is what we do at out company:
Before treatment the client must remove foods an utensils from al
cupboards. Removable woolens, rugs, furs, mounted animals, etc. should be
removed and cleaned and treated.
Treating Procedures:
Spray the floor areas including carpeting
Spray cabinets
Arosol all cracks and crevices
Drill and inject wall voids
Micro fog entire dwelling
Knock down all wasp and hornet nests
Remove any bird nests
Spray foundation, wall and eves of the structure
Spray house out 30 feet.
Dust the sub-area with DE, Borid and Botanicals
Inside the home we use botanical products for a fast and safe kill and on
the outside we use micro-encapsulated or wetable powers.
I know that is a lot of work but if you want to get rid of the problem,
this is what has to be done. And you may have to have more than one
treatment. It is a job left to the pros. To consider the cost, how much
does an new suit cost or a fur coat?

Dick Moores wrote:

> Moths are eating clothes in one of our closets at home, and my wife
> can't stand the smell of moth balls.  Using Deja News
> ( to search* I've learned
> that ultrasound devices are ineffective with insects (I was just about
> to order one from a mail order catalog).  But what, other than moth
> balls, *will* work on moths?
> I'd appreciate all practical suggestions.
> Thanks,
> Dick Moores  rdm at
> Bellevue, Washington, USA

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