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TITLE:		            Project Coordinator, Kankakee Sands Macrosite

SUPERVISOR:		Director of Conservation Science and Stewardship

LOCATION:		      Kankakee Sands Macrosite, Morocco, Indiana

PREPARER:		John Shuey

DATE PREPARED:	November 1997	


The Project Coordinator is primarily responsible for implementing the
restoration of the Kankakee Sands Macrosite In Indiana and Illinois, as well
as the long-term stewardship of the restoration and associated natural areas.
 The Kankakee Sands Macrosite is a complex of high-quality natural lands
including wet/mesic sand prairie, oak barrens/savanna, and sedge meadows.
 The restoration targets over 7,000 acres of cropland, which will be restored
into a mosaic of native grasslands, savannas and wetlands which will
ultimately restore connectivity to a landscape-scale system exceeding 40,000
acres.  The Project Coordinator ensures that the Macrosite and associated
preserves are managed to maximize desired biodiversity attributes.  This
includes initial restoration of farmland to native grassland, as well as the
reversal of fire suppression impacts. S/he ensures compliance with legal
restrictions of easements, reverters and transfers.  S/he assists the
Director of Conservation Science and Stewardship with preserve management
planning, biological monitoring, and management/restoration of preserves, and
is responsible for leading field crews for prescribed burns.  The Project
Coordinator is responsible for good neighbor relations at preserves and
serves as the primary contact for volunteer monitors and volunteer stewards
as well as for coordination of tenant farmers.   S/he also handles preserve
visitation inquires.  Additionally the Project Coordinator will work with the
Kankakee Sands Restoration Specialist to manage TNC preserves in the Central
Tallgrass Prairie Ecoregion of Indiana to assure the proper maintenance and
management of Indiana preserves, easements and other sites with legal
obligations.  The Project Coordinator will serve as a local contact for
conservation partners such as Indiana Department of Natural Resources, U.S.
Fish and Wildlife Service, and private conservation organizations to
facilitate the enhancement of ecological integrity of the region. The Project
Coordinator works closely with potential TNC-Illinois field staff to address
concerns in the Illinois portion of the Macrosite.  The Project Coordinator
is supervised by the Director of Conservation Science and Stewardship and
supervises seasonal stewards/interns and volunteers.

1.	Coordinate all preserve management and restoration projects to maximize
biodiversity attributes at the Macrosite and associated natural areas.(e.g.,
exotic species control, community restoration, woody vegetation removal,
 prescribed burning) with other stewardship staff and volunteers.  Assume the
leadership role in Indiana's prescribed burning program at the Macrosite and
associated natural areas, including roles in leading field crews and
organizing volunteer/staff training in support of the program. Maintain
established ecological monitoring programs to assess preserve
viability/effectiveness at maintaining conservation targets.
2.	Negotiate contracts with individuals/firms/tenant farmers as required to
implement the restoration of the Macrosite.  Monitor performance/compliance
of contractors to assure that they perform at the Conservancy's high level of
3.	Coordinate Kankakee Sands Macrosite maintenance projects (e.g., trail
maintenance, posting boundaries, erecting entrance signs removing unwanted
structures and trash) with other stewardship staff and volunteers.  Respond
to and remedy general problems on preserves including various forms of
trespass,  vandalism, boundary disputes, attractive nuisances and dumping.
4.	Coordinate with Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Divisions of Fish
and Wildlife and Nature Preserves, local governmental agencies, and the U.S.
Department of Natural Resources to assure that all easement and legal
obligations held by these organizations are honored.  Strengthen partnerships
with individuals/agencies associated with the Macrosite, especially within
the local community.
5.	Coordinate with other IN-FO programs to enhance public support and
understanding of The Conservancy's mission, especially as they relate to the
Kankakee Sands Macrosite.  Work with Development staff to secure private
funding to implement the restoration of the Macrosite.
6.	Maintain Kankakee Sands Macrosite equipment and vehicles in good working
7.	Work with IN-FO stewardship staff to manage other preserves in the Central
Tallgrass Prairie Ecoregion of Indiana.

1.	Masters degree in resource management, ecology, biology, or natural
sciences or five years experience in biodiversity/natural areas management or
restoration ecology/implementation.  Knowledge of Indiana ecosystem dynamics,
including  savanna, prairie, woodland  and forest communities is required.
 Knowledge of local flora and fauna preferred.  Proven experience with
prescribed burning and wildfire suppression (formal training preferred). 
2.	Proven ability to work with individuals, organizations, corporations and
local, state, and federal governmental agencies including experience with
contract negotiations, dispute resolution and meeting facilitation.
3.	Excellent oral and written communication skills.  Experience with PC's and
Windows software for word processing, database, and spreadsheets required.
 Familiarity with Geographic Information Systems preferred.
4.	Proven ability to motivate and coordinate a diverse volunteer work force
to achieve quantifiable objectives.
5.	Demonstrated ability to supervise personnel and work cooperatively as a
team member.
6.	Demonstrated ability to work under adverse field conditions in the field
with minimal supervision.
7.	Willingness to work long hours, as required to assure that the
programmatic goals of the Conservancy are achieved.
8.	A strong commitment to the mission of The Nature Conservancy.


	Director of Administration
	The Nature Conservancy
	1330 W. 38th Street
	Indianapolis, IN 46208
	Fax (317) 923-7582

	--The Nature Conservancy is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action

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