FW: Butterflies collection in Brazil

Chris Conlan conlan at adnc.com
Tue Nov 18 23:15:33 EST 1997

Just in case everyone has not had enough to gawk at in the past few weeks,
here is another interesting tidbit that just appeared on entomo-l (even
though the translation is a little off I think you will get the point).  I
don't know any details about this, I'm just passing it along.  If it's true
though, one has to wonder why the guy didn't just try smuggling drugs
instead.  It would have been much more profitable and the punishment would
have fit the crime (Note for the humor impaired: that last comment was


>From:  owner-entomo-l[SMTP:owner-entomo-l at LISTSERV.UOGUELPH.CA]
>Sent:  Monday, November 17, 1997 8:45 AM
>Subject:  Butterflies collection in Brazil
>(...) Robert  Van  de   Merghel,   un
>entomologiste amateur, il a ete condamne lundi au  Bresil  a
>un   an   de   prison  ferme  pour  avoir  tente  d'exporter
>illegalement 9 papillons. (il a) fait appel.(..)
>Translation: (...)Robert Van de Merghel, an amateur entomologist, was
>sentenced to one year in jail in Brazil for attempting to smuggle 7
>butterflies. He is appealing the judgment.(...)
>Source: Radio Belche <radiobelche at cediti.be>

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