Dr. James Adams jadams at
Wed Nov 19 08:51:39 EST 1997

This is directed to Jurgen Ziesmann, but may be of interest to others

             Jurgen asked about information on Attacus.  There is a 
Monograph on Attacus by Ric Peigler, published in 1989.  The 
pertinent information is as follows:

       Peigler, Richard S.  1989.  Attacus.  Published by the 
Lepidoptera Research Foundation, Inc., Beverly Hills, CA.  xi + 167 
pp.  ISBN: 9611464-2-7; Library of Congress Catalog Card Number:  

Although heavy on the taxonomic side, there is useful life history 
information for those species for whom immatures were known as of 

Hope this helps, Jurgen!


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