Attacus atlas

Jurgen Ziesmann ziesmann at
Mon Nov 17 03:20:20 EST 1997

Hello everybody

In our institute we have done some work on sex pheromones of Attacus
atlas, on their pheromone binding proteins and other olfaction related
properties this summer.
The (so far unpublished) results are quite surprising and therefore we
would like to know more about ecology and behaviour.

"Attacus species are among the larges butterflies on earth. Beautiful
colored, enormous wing span ....
Pupal stage can last for over one year."

That is basically all we could find so far. Who does know good sources
for information on Attacus spp. biology? Has anybody ever watched them
in nature and can add some observations?

Any help greatly appreciated

Jurgen Ziesmann

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