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This is directed to Jurgen Ziesmann, whose mail-address I cannot find 

Beside the references given you by James Adams and Roger Kendrick, I found 
two more in Biological Abstracts Vol. 102, Iss. 10, Ref. 148140 and 148141:

The Saturniidae of Sumatra (Lepidoptera). 
by Nassig, W.A.; Lampe, R.E.J.; Kager, S. (Entomol. II, Forschungsinst. 
Senckenberg, Senckenberganlange 25, D-60325 Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
Published in: Heterocera Sumatrana 10: 3-110 in 1996

The Saturniidae of Sumatra, Appendix I: The preimaginal instars of some 
Sumatran and South East Asian species of Saturniidae, including general notes 
on the genus Antheraea (Lepidoptera). 
Published  by same authors in: Heterocera Sumatrana 10: 111-170 

The combined abstracts are:
The fauna of Saturniidae (Lepidoptera) of the Indonesian island of Sumatra 
and surrounding smaller islands is described. 24 species are known. In 
addition, Antheraea billitonensis Moore, 1878 is listed for the island of 
Belitung. The work is based on the extensive collecting of E. W. Diehl and 
other members of the HSS, as well as on literature records and some museum 
and private collections. The lectotype of Attacus staudingeri Rothschild, 
1895 is designated, deposited in Zoologisches Museum der 
Humboldt-Universitat, Berlin. All other taxonomic changes which became 
necessary during the preparation of the present work were published in 
advance elsewhere. All species of Saturniidae known from Sumatra thus far 
belong to the subfamily Saturniinae. The tribe Attacini is represented by 
three genera with one species each: Attacus Linnaeus, 1767, Archaeoattacus 
Watson, 1914, and Samia Huebner, (1819). The tribe Satumiini is represented 
by two species of Actias Leach, 1815, three species of Cricula Walker, 1855, 
eleven (plus one from Belitung) species of Antheraea Huebner, (1819), three 
species of Loepa Moore, and two species of Lemaireia Nassig & Holloway, 1987. 
In Appendix I, all information about the preimaginal morphology and 
life-histories of Sumatran Saturniidae available from literature and own 
rearing experiments is compiled. The data are completed by rearing reports of 
species known from Sumatra, of which the livestock originated in other areas. 
Of the 24 saturniid species known from Sumatra, 11 complete life-histories 
(including colour illustrations or larvae) plus partial information on some 
other species are presented. For most of the genera, general data as well as 
specific information about additional species is provided in the text for 
intrageneric comparison. Complete life-histories are given of the following 
Sumatran species: Attacus atlas, Samia insularis vaneeckei, Actias maenas 
diana, Cricula trifenestrata javana, several Antheraea spp. and Loepa 

It looks like this is the kind of information you are looking for.


Ernst Neering

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