Night collecting

Tue Sep 2 16:31:41 EDT 1997

Dear all,

I have little experience with night collecting, but I do know that
the most effective nights are those with new moon, mist and no air.

However, since nothing we can do to control mist or air, we certainly
can plan our trips according to moon phase. In most occassions this last
may not be true, because some of us can only wait for any spare time
and plan his collecting trip, many times coinciding with a big bright
full moon.

My question is: Even in these bright nights, is there still a chance
for good results if one waits until the moon hides behind any obstacle,
like a mountain? What about trying inside a deep forested river canyon?

Maybe I should ask an astronomer, but how many hours is a full moon
up in the sky (say the dawn and twilight of the moon, as it is with
the sun)? 

I'd like to remind the readers that my area is in a tropical country
and things should be a little different here.

Andres Orellana
Merida, Venezuela

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