Holarctic butterflies

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	D'Abrera's books are usually based on the British Museum
collection. Based on what I saw a few years ago when I was looking at the
_Erebia_ at the BM, the collection is not particularly complete for the
NE part of Russia. I have not seen his palaearctic book, so don't know if
he used other sources--but there really is not much in the way of col-
lections for that part of the world.
	There is a hard-to-find book: The Butterflies of the Far East USSR,
by A. I. Kurentzov (1970). This was reprinted (expensively) by Antiquariaat
Junk a while ago--I don't know if it's still available.
	There _is_ a current catalogue of the butterflies of the former
USSR by Tuzov (The Synonymic List of Butterflies from the ex-USSR, 1993)
and an older one by Korshunov. The new Russian lep journal Actias
has some articles on the butterflies of various parts of Asia, including
the far NE.

	There is a forthcoming book on the butterflies of Russia--see
publisher's blurb appended below.

	The palaearctic volumes of Seitz, and the supplement, also contain
information on northern Asian butterflies, but these are not 'easily
available sources'.

							Ken Philip
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