More on Mr. T (bflying in parks)

Mark Walker mwalker at
Fri Sep 5 13:41:12 EDT 1997

> This is a prime example of how encouraging collecting is bad for the
> conservation of habitats. 

Wrong!  First of all, this isn't even an example of encouraging collecting. 
Furthermore, encouraging collecting in and of itself is not bad for the
conservation of habitats (no more than encouraging observation!).

Besides, no one needs to encourage me - I'm fixated (is DIScouraging collecting
on someone's agenda here?).

What Mr. Opler was doing (sorry for broadcasting your mail, by the way) was:

1.  Politely telling me to stop bitching and start doing something.
2.  Encouraging me to assist in providing better information to the powers that
be, and
3.  Reminding me that there is no one lobbying for my particular interests, but
that the channels to do so are open and waiting.

Mr. Opler was not suggesting that I adopt a particular party line.  And as far
as _wrong_ politicians go, politicians are certainly not _custodians_ of our
environment.  They are people who gain their livelihood by being popular (note
that this is not necessarily derogatory).  The entire human race, collectively,
must want to protect the planet and it's resources.  We've had anti-littering
laws on the books here for two generations, but they don't stop anyone from
spewing their garbage.

We need to encourage RESPECT - for each other, for our earth, for the things in
life that we haven't begun to understand.  It is possible (and necessary) to
collect insects respectfully - just as it is possible to _observe_ insects

Mark Walker.

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