Collecting Debate

Mark Walker mwalker at
Tue Sep 9 08:56:09 EDT 1997


Now that's a scary concept.

But then extremists at the other end of the spectrum scare me too

You know, this debate does not have to be a political one.  Sound policy with
regard to earth management can be achieved through big or small governments (I
prefer the latter), but the responsibility really does lie on the inhabitants. 
Stiff drug laws do not prevent drug abuse.  I guess my personal problem with
all of this is that I don't want to be prohibited from exercising my freedom to
interact with nature on account of legislation which is ill-posed or
unjustified.  Some would say, "who cares, as long as the environment wins".  I
argue against this position vehemently - not only because it infringes on my
personal liberty, but also because it is truly hypocritical.  The environment
does not win, it continues to suffer even at the hands of proponents who claim
their interactions with nature are _non-intrusive_ .  It may not be obvious to
some of you, but this is simply a case of, "You don't do it like I want you to
do it, and therefore I want you to stop doing it!".

If you think about it, it really is a very dogmatic position.

Mark Walker

p.s.  I don't remember Mr. Kral's posts.

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