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ORELLANA BORGES . ANDRES MIGUEL aorell at ciens.ula.ve
Thu Sep 11 13:26:51 EDT 1997

Hello there,

I wrote a manuscript describing early stages of a butterfly. While
searching for literature I received from Mr. Motomu Teshirogi two 
valuable color copies helpful for my work. Unfortunatelly Mr. Teshirogi
did not accompanied his help with the bibliographical data needed to
cite this works under the references cited. I´ve mailed him (surface
mail) requesting this information but since this has turned out to be so
slow, and because of the fact that I submitted the manuscript with
the space left with the hope of filling it soon, I rely on your
knowledge for this.

One of the book is in large format. It has Japanese and English text.
The book seems to cover Asia and beautifully illustrates early stages
of its butterflies as well as the adults, the eggs and sometimes the
foodplant. I have in my hands plates 170-173, covering species in
genera Chersonesia and Cyrestis.Each plate covers one species and two 
plates fills one page. Also, in the text (pp.411-414)there is a
distribution map for each species.

I strongly suspect that this book is authored by Igarashi and Fukuda

(Igarashi, S. & H. Fukuda (YEAR). Life Histories of Asian Butterflies.
Publisher. city, page)

but I have no way to confirm this.

Lastly, I´d like to know if Mr. Teshirogi´s book is already printed

Teshirogi, M. (YEAR),. An Ilustrated book of the Japanese Nymphalidae.
Tokai University Press. Tokai. (Pages)

I´d really apreciate your help and advice.

Andres Orellana.

P.S. Can anybody can tell me how to contact Mr. Teshirogi by fax or

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